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I am a Thirty-One year old Sagittarius who loves to read and share my opinions on what I read. I tend to gravitate toward general fiction and some science fiction, And I absolutely love YA, but have recently discovered a love for the classics that came about from a mild curiosity. Although, I’ve got Biographies, memoirs, and true crime on my shelf.

I’ve been in love with reading ever since I was taught to read. Both my parents read a lot and read to me and my sisters a lot. My earliest memories is of me and my sisters curled up on a bed, sitting next to my mother (naturally fighting over who got the prime spot of RIGHT NEXT TO her) as she read Little Women. I would also get in trouble in school for reading rather than doing my lessons. But I had one teacher, in high school, who not only encouraged me to read more, but inspired what I read and wanted me to try and get my classmates to read more. Also in high school, I worked in the library any time I had free time (During Breakfast, During lunch, during my free period, and after school), and joined a book club one of the librarians started.

Bad bookish habits I have, 1. Sometimes I judge a book too quickly. If I don’t like the cover I tend to not want to read it. When it happens for book club picks (especially after committing to going to the corresponding meeting), I feel bad for not giving it a chance, even more so if all the other girls love it.

2. I buy books, even though I have stacks of unread ones. I Buy a book with every intention of reading it, then it sits on my shelf forever.

3. I have duplicates. Before I had my nook, I never wanted to sell my books. But now I have ebook copies of most of my books, which means duplicates. Not always a bad thing to some, but I am rapidly running out of room on my book cases, and while I have managed to get three full plastic tubs of books to sell, there is still a big chunk I don’t want to sell.

4. I stay up way too late, and end up reading the ending of a book when I’m so tired that I barely remember it.

5. If I get tired of a book, I set it aside and start something new. I always plan to return to the other one, but I rarely do. Actually, to be honest, I don’t necessarily get tired of the book, I just get sucked into another book and forget all about the previous one.

6. In the same vein as # 5, I try to read too many books at once. Reading two or three books at a time is fine. As long as I stick to alternating after each chapter. But I don’t always want to stop at one chapter if the book is really compelling.

7. I read in the bath. This is a habit I’ve had for years. Sometimes if I find a book particularly hard to read, I take it into the bathroom with me and read while bathing. Not so bad if it’s a paper book, if it gets wet, it’ll dry. But with a nook…..yeah.

Five years ago I joined a book club for various reasons, 1. It’s hard to talk to someone about a book that they are not reading. 2. I’m shy. Very much so. I needed to force myself out of my shell and meet new people, and this is my way of doing it. And 3. I’ve joined many on line book clubs over the years (library thing, shelfari, goodreads, the reading room), and while they have “clubs”, there is nothing like going to a persons house and discussing a common book.

I will rate the books I review on a 1-5 star scale, but I mostly five 3 stars.


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