Run to You Part One: First Sight by Clara Kensie

Title: Run To You Part One: First Sight
Author: Clara Kensie
Length: 304 pages
Genre: YA
Format: ePUB
Rating: 3/5
Why I read it: Curiosity got me

What it’s About: Tessa Carson and her family are on the run from a man trying to murder them. Why? because they all, except Tessa, have special abilities. When Tessa and her family move to, yet another, new home, Tessa goes by the name Sarah Spencer. It isn’t until she meets Tristan Walker that her secret and her true identity are revealed.

The Good: This series reminds me of Heroes, big time. The characters either have abilities or they don’t and they are trying to bring down the people who are trying to capture the people who have abilities. The story itself is a relief from most YA trends of the moment, and it is a captivating concept. I especially loved reading about the different kinds of abilities people have. I also like the idea of a serialized series. The first book is comprised of three volumes, or parts, which is interesting.

The Bad: I read this book, and the other two parts two months ago, and nothing is really sticking with me. I can’t remember Tessa’s family, I can’t remember what their abilities are, and Tessa herself got on my nerves. I got so mad at her, we had some reader/character issues after a while. I know Tristan was her first love, but you’d think that after being on the run for eight years, she’d resist her impulse to tell him all her family’s secrets. And while I did love the concept, it would be nice to have a bit more… just more, I guess. Like Why does Tessa not have abilities? How did Tessa’s parents learn about their abilities? There was nothing that made any character stand out.

Final Thoughts: The reason I didn’t give this a lower rating is that I did like the book, and it has potential, so it deserves a medium rating. Hopefully some of the flaws in it will be mended with the next three parts.


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