The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Title: The wonderful Wizard of Oz
Author: L. Frank Baum
Length: 156 pages
Genre: Fantasy, Children’s, Adventure
Format: ePUB
Rating: 3/5
Why I read it: Old childhood favorite

What it’s About: When Dorothy Gale’s house is swept up in a tonato, she lands in Oz, and beautiful, impossible land, but all she wants is to get home to Kansas. Along the way she meets The Scarecrow, who wishes for brains, The Tin Woodsman, who wishes for a heart, and The Cowardly Lion who wishes for courage.

The Good: This was one big nostalgia trip. I remember my mom reading this one to me when I was a little girl. I love the books, and the movie to this day, and couldn’t wait to reread this as an adult. I’m glad I did too, because it was like coming home to an old friend. Baum had a talent for making things come to life in a way that authors should have today. Reading about the tiny city made of china, and the glasses that made the emerald city appear to really be emerald, it felt like I was really there, and I was another of Dorothy’s companions.

The Bad: The reason I didn’t give this book a higher or perfect rating is due to the nightmare fodder. I’m talking about the part of the book I was either too young to give much thought to, or just blocked out. The Tin woodsman. His back story is horrific. Great. But horrific. He tells Dorothy, who is a little girl, the story of how the Wicked Witch of the East made him chop off his limbs and construct tin ones, just so he couldn’t marry the girl he loved….Wait, what? And this is a kids book?? Like I said, I didn’t notice it as a kid, but as an adult, that gave me nightmares.

Final Thoughts: The nostalgia was great, but I think I’ll not read this one to my niece and nephew. Atleast not till they are a bit older.


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