Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Title: Warm Bodies
Author: Isaac Marion
Length: 240 pages
Genre: Fantasy, horror, romance
Format: Paper back
Rating: 4/5
Why I read it: Well… Why….not

What it’s About: R is a zombie. He has no idea what his name is, just that it may have started with an R, he doesn’t remember anything about himself from before he was a zombie. All he knows is that he and his fellow zombies fill their days eating people, and wandering aimlessly around the airport they call home. While on a hunting trip, he kills a boy named Perry, and because of Perry’s memories, He knows Julie. After saving Julie from being eaten, and holding her as a reluctant guest in his airplane home, He begins to notice he is changing.

The Good: For my first zombie book, this one was a great choice. There was humor, there was a tiny bit of gore, and of course, there were characters you couldn’t help but love. This book was not afraid to make fun of itself, which is always a plus to my twisted sense of humor. R was a very loveable zombie, and you couldn’t keep from rooting for him. As for the slight gore, well, it couldn’t be avoided, but it was done in such a way you could actually forget it was gore. Which again for me (the girl who is afraid of death) was good. And although there were some staggeringly obvious allusions to Romeo and Juliet (R and Julie, anyone? Not to mention M, Perry, and Nora…..) it made the story that much cuter.

The Bad: There wasn’t a lot of back story. I know R couldn’t remember anything from when he was Human, but even after meeting Julie and Nora, there was never any mention about how the zombies became zombies. There were allusions that zombieism is an infection, but no word on what happened to the world. And while there are snippets of Julie’s past, nothing that made me invested in her character. I would have loved a little more about the past to make the world so….desolate a place.

Final Thoughts: This was a fun, quick read. And The movie was possibly even better. I can’t wait to read the sequel, and hopefully the prequel novella in the near future.


Soulless by Gail Carriger

Title: Soulless
Author: Gail Carriger
Length: 246 pages
Genre: Historical fiction, science fiction
Format: epub
Rating: 3/5
Why I read it: on my TBR shelf forever

What it’s About: Alexia Tarabotti is soulless. This means that with a single touch she can reform werewolves and vampires back into Human state. Alexia unofficially woks (or more accurately, sticks her nose into) BUR, a sort of government for all things supernatural. When unregistered rove vampire attacks Alexia, it is up to her and Lord Maccon to uncover just who the Hypocras Club are and what their intentions are toward supernaturals.

The Good: This book Literally had me laughing out loud. Some of the situations that Maccon and Alexia got themselves in and Alexia’s reaction to a lot of things were just too funny. I was gripped even before I started reading. I took one look at the front cover, and I knew I had to read this book. The story itself was very interesting, and made me want know more about this alternate world. The way Carriger writes is very real. In addition to laughing along with characters, I felt embarrassed for them and was blushing along with Alexia.

The Bad: While I wanted to know more about Carriger’s take on supernaturals, she had a tendency to give too much information at one time, or not give enough. Or rather, not explain it properly. Also, I know that looks and mannerisims had a lot to do with how well a girl would marry in victorian England, but I could have done without a constant reminder that Alexia, being half Italian and outspoken, fit none of the criteria. Especially if she ends up having a love interest after all.

Final Thoughts: Over all, I enjoyed this book, and frankly can’t wait to start the next book in the series. I want to find out what happens to Maccon and Alexia, and read more about her family and find out id more light is shed on the world of supernaturals.